Martin Mikayelyan



Town Hall, Vagharshapat

F.Vagharshakyan, M.Mikaelyan, 1968-76

Single-unit 14 storey frame-panel system residential building

Martin Mikaelyan, engineers M.K.Mousoyan, A.G.Karapetyan, 1980-1986

Undefined building

M.Mikaelyan, A.Mikaelyan, 1989

Resort in Arzni with 2500 places

M.Mikaelyan, R.vardanyan, 1968

Resort complex in Arzni with 400 places

M.Mikaelyan, engineer K.S. Ghazaryan, 1966-84

Culture palace with 600 places in Azizbekov

M.Mikaelyan, Z.Simonyan, 1968-78

Undefined building

Martin Mikaelyan

Gyumri Dramatic Theatre

Yu.Safaryan with M.Mikaelyan, S.A.Safaryan, R.H.Baghdasaryan, 1962

Resort in Hanqavan with 500 places

M.Mikaelyan, K.S.Tiraturyan, 1967

Resort complex "Khotorjur" with 3750 places in Hanqavan

Martin Mikaelyan, S.G.Gexamyan, 1968-1976

Resort "Ararat" with 250 places in Jermuk

M.Mikaelyan, S.S.Oumedyan, engineer K.S.Ghazaryan, 1964-78

Resort "Gladzor" with 500 places in Jermuk

M.Mikaelyan, F.Sh.Vagharshakyan, engineers K.S.Ghazaryan, V.S.Poghosyan, 1968-86

Cultural resort-hall with 800 places and a swimming pool

M.Mikaelyan, Z.Simonyan, engineers K.S.Ghazaryan, V.S.Poghosyan, 1969-86

Monument to the victims of the Genocide

M.Mikaelyan, sculptor H.Khachatryan, 1965

Sports complex

Martin Mikaelyan, 1974-1986

Palace of culture

Martin Mikaelyan, Fred Afrikyan, 1975

Metsamor swimming pool

Martin Mikaelyan, 1974-1986